About The Proxima Initiative
The Proxima Initiative is a new RP guild on Kath Hound. We are casual players with an eye for good prose and a desire to bring role-play to the fore on our server. Novice and longtime role-players are both welcome, and we can offer input on improving and growing writing and RP skills in a positive, enriching, mature environment.

We aim to build an open-ended and public RP environment where participation and interaction are rewarding and substantive. To take part simply /cjoin Cantina and jump in.

As a guild we are bound by a common story themed on a question: What is Proxima? The guild storyline is oriented in the prime fiction, particularly the Empire's imminent defeat, and what can be done to preserve its culture and ideals for future generations. The idea is simple: The Empire is going to lose this war with the Republic. Political tensions, in-fighting, an absent emperor, these things will conspire to destroy the Empire from within.

The Proxima Initiative is a cabal of like-minded individuals from all stations of the Imperial body politic. Sith, agents, military officials, politicians, people who can see the inevitable disaster looming on the horizon conspire to preserve what they can, and unravel a mysterious riddle regarding the fate of the Sith Empire: Proxima.
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